# 🌱 Fellowship DAOs

Fellowship DAOs are next-level communities that share a common goal

DAOs (opens new window) in Web3 are self-sufficient groups of people managed by a smart contract. They operate on the blockchain which ensures maximum trust, transparency & verifiability.

Superciety does all the heavy lifting of creating and running a DAO for you, so you and the DAO members can focus on what really matters to the company, project, or community.


Since your Fellowship DAO is based on its own smart contract, Superciety does not have any more access or control over voting processes than you do.

# Create a DAO

Creating a Fellowship DAO is a matter of a few minutes. All you need is an existing Elrond wallet and a little bit of $SUPER (opens new window).

To quickly get started:

  1. Connect on superciety.com (opens new window)
  2. Visit the Fellowship Setup page: superciety.com/fellowships/create (opens new window)
  3. Choose a name & a short description for your project or community
  4. Submit the form and sign the prompted blockchain transaction

This process will create a new smart contract on the blockchain which serves as the foundation of your DAO.

# Voting Method

As a next step, you will be asked to select a method used for creating & voting on proposals.

The available methods are

To ensure your DAO operates at the highest level of security standards, we require publicly visible DAOs to transfer token management rights to their Fellowship smart contracts.

# Set an Avatar

Similar to SUPERIDs, Fellowships can have an NFT Avatar too. In fact, they even use the same smart contract. In order to set or update a Fellowship's Avatar, create a proposal with a Contract Call action and select the SUPERID smart contract from the dropdown list:

set avatar demo

At the time of writing, the transaction to set an Avatar requires a payment of 50 $SUPER (opens new window). If your Fellowship is not a proud owner of $SUPER (opens new window) yet, you can easily deposit some into your Fellowship's Vault.

Social links help users quickly find the official social platforms of your Fellowship. You can add & update them using a proposal Ticket of the type 'Fellowship Socials Update':

set social links demo

# Register Custom Smart Contracts

Fellowships can register their own Smart Contracts to allow users to easily interact with them. The registration can be done by creating a Ticket of type Contract Register via a Proposal:

register contract demo

Once verified, users can then add the Smart Contract to their Favorites on the Settings page and find them in the selection field of the Contract Call proposal action.